Welcome to your new Toneful Self!

If you are just starting out on Guitar - electric or other - and are frustrated that you can't make your fingers bend and mutate into inhuman shapes and there are no nice sounds emanating from your room... then I can help!


I offer some GET-RIFFED-QUICK! solutions to help you become inspired rather than disillusioned and ridiculed by your friends (and enemies!).


It involves traditional methods (no technology or silly add-ons or daft tunings) and still requires you to grab that guitar neck, tap your foot and strum like a demon... but... with consummate ease and only one thing in mind - riffing out some rocking, tuneful and great tones - FROM DAY 1 !! 


But don't confuse ROCK with Heavy Metal or any specific genre, anyone with anything can ROCK... electric, acoustic, plugged or unplugged what I aim to do is to let you see that the best piece of equipment you possess is what comes from inside YOU! That is because inside YOU is a musician that you do not yet know...!


There will be NO hours of laboriously learning scales and endless chords, complex tabs or clumsy unharmonious tunings (or tunes!). We sit down together and I simply show you some very straightforward secret weapons for great Rock Tones and Riffs that will stick in your head all the way home and more importantly




Two camera broadcast via ZOOM


includes follow-up material via email.

AREA  - Farnham * Aldershot * Guildford * Farnborough * Alton